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Where Data Lives: NeSI, taonga and growing repository services

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posted on 2020-03-10, 04:00 authored by Brian FlahertyBrian Flaherty
Data transfer and data sharing have been a part of NeSI's service catalogue for several years, but the service priority has always been in support of compute-intensive research (and related training & consultation). The launching of a national data transfer platform and a new relationship with Genomics Aotearoa have provided NeSI the opportunity to reevaluate its data service offering.

A key project in the Genomics Aotearoa Workplan is bioinformatics capability (Project 1811), which encompasses the development of a national genomics data repository including bespoke processes for Māori management of indigenous data, which is actively populated across all New Zealand genomics research activities.

GA's functional requirements for this repository include securely storing, preserving and providing mediated access to genomics data for the longer term. It is also intended that the repository be interactive and usable by a large number of NZ researchers. NeSI's early response has been to focus on implementing the base -level infrastructure requirements for the repository while beginning to investigate platform options and prototype permissions workflows.

This presentation will provide an update on progress to date, including storage and access management through Globus, and introduce topics from data publishing and discovery services (from simple metadata to interrogation of genome summaries), to indigenous data governance requirements, and longevity/persistence.

Brian Flaherty is Data Services Product Manager at NeSI. He has a background in digital libraries digital scholarship, research infrastructure & support and discovery services.


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