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Digital Technologies for Primary Industrial Research

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posted on 2019-05-15, 04:32 authored by Hong Zhang
Primary industry research is a constant battle against time. Whether it is Masters, PhD or Postdoc, there always is the pressure to generate data. For that, time needs to be spent at the bench or in the field, not at the desk, but that can often be hard to achieve. Unfortunately, nonlaboratory tasks occupy a large segment of daily work. However, that should not happen, because innovation can be an experiment away.

Auto-Lab, remote sensing, remote control, IoT technologies can make your dreams come true. Here we discuss several digital technologies that can help you spend less time in the field, doing what you love.

Name : Hong Zhang Bio: Hong has 35 years of experience in remote sensing, automation control, and measurement & instrumentation. I have extensive knowledge in hardware, software, electronics, and laser and optical-electronics ranging from minor components to complex systems. I have been involved in many projects covering the creation of concepts, specification discussions, detailed design, hardware development, software programming, installation and commissioning, writing manuals, and training clients.