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Who needs research software engineers

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posted on 2021-02-26, 00:06 authored by Alexander Pletzer, Nooriyah Lohani, Chris ScottChris Scott, Georgina RaeGeorgina Rae
Research Software Engineers (RSEs) combine the knowledge of good software engineering practice with a degree of subject matter expertise (e.g. from physics, genomics, chemistry, applied mathematics or biology). The role of a RSE complements that of the scientist in ways that allows the latter to concentrate on their research while reaping the benefit of recent advances in digital technologies and best practices. A key difference between scientists and RSEs is that the former tend to work in a single research area for many years while the latter often move from one research area to another on a monthly or yearly pace, enabling cross-pollination of tools, methods and ideas. This, and other factors, will determine whether the interaction of RSEs with scientists will be fruitful. Through examples taken from NeSI’s consulting activities we will attempt to sketch the ideal RSE profile and outline a set of conditions which will increase the likelihood of a successful collaboration between RSEs and researchers.

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