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What would a Digital Humanities (DH) offering for New Zealand look like (BoF Session).pdf (1.46 MB)

What would a Digital Humanities (DH) offering for New Zealand look like? (BoF Session)

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posted on 2019-05-15, 04:28 authored by Steve Knight
In Australia 41% of the nation’s research workforce is in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. However, they receive only 1% from the recent Research Infrastructure Investment Plan -

Working assumption: The same mismatch exists in New Zealand.

Steve Knight is Programme Director Preservation Research & Consultancy (PRC) with the National Library of New Zealand. The PRC team’s primary focus is preservation of and access to New Zealand digital content with a particular view to modelling and developing solutions that can be scaled to national level. The primary vehicle for this is the National Digital Heritage Archive (NDHA) which includes co-development of the Rosetta digital preservation system, one of only two commercially available digital preservation systems. The National Library is currently working through its role, if it has one, in the long-term safekeeping of research data, with a view to developing a national approach to digital preservation. The recent work on creating a national consortium for delivering DOIs within New Zealand is part of these considerations.


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