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What has REANNZ been up to in 2018?

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posted on 2019-05-15, 04:33 authored by Wallace Chase
2018 has been a busy year for the REANNZ team. The new Hawaiki cable system is now online, the REANNZ core is getting a 100Gbps upgrade, members are migrating their connections to 100G and much more. Come an hear from REANNZ what has been happening behind the scenes to ensure that New Zealand has an R&E network that serves our diverse membership.

Wallace Chase As Technical Engagement Manager Wallace assists the membership to utilize the full protentional of REANNZ. To this end Wallace leverages his 15 years of experience in higher education IT operations and supporting research.

Wallace most recently comes to REANNZ from his role in the US as the CEO of the Carolina Research and Education Network. Wallace also worked for Clemson University Computing and Information Technology as Executive Director. Prior to that, Wallace worked for Washington State University leading the networking team, The George Washington University as a network engineer and at Lake Superior State University also as a network engineer.

Wallace is active in the broader networking and engineering community, working with Internet2, the Quilt, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, Pacific Wave, the North American Network Operators Group as well as on the staff of conferences such as Super Computing (SciNet Network Research Exhibition team) and INTEROP (Network Operations Center staff). Wallace has been on several teams funded for multiple National Science Foundation projects in the US, has served on several NSF funding panels and assists with several experimental networking research projects.


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