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Use of the National Library's Web and Twitter Collections for Research

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posted on 2020-03-10, 03:48 authored by Lana Alsabbagh
The National Library of New Zealand has performed a “whole-of-domain” harvest since 2008, acquiring publicly available web content from the New Zealand .nz, .net, .org and .com domains. The National Library’s Web Archiving team has also undertaken a number of web harvests related to significant events in recent history such as the 2017 General Election, including tweets, related data, and images. The Whole-of-Domain collection and the Twitter harvests are both presently inaccessible to researchers. The Library’s goal is to improve usage of this data by providing researchers with tools and services that would enable computational access to this data.

In partnership with Library staff, the Digital Research Coordinator planned and carried out interviews and a survey with a select group of scholars involved in digital humanities to help the Library understand the tools and services researchers need to make full use of these digital collections. This lightening talk will discuss the findings and ideas for further research.

Lana Alsabbagh is the Digital Research Coordinator at the National Library of New Zealand. She is currently researching ways to facilitate stakeholder engagement with the Library web archival collection.


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