Understanding Research Drivers for New Zealand’s Advanced Research Computing

2019-05-22T23:00:24Z (GMT) by Jun Huh
In 2018, NeSI has reached out to research leaders in NZ and started conducting structured interviews. The interviews were focused on the timeframe of 2015-2017, looking at where the opportunities and needs are. This was the first step of NeSI’s researcher consultation activities.Some of the notable findings were:

- Diversity of drivers and needs even across similar fields
- Increasing need of data, data sensitivity, sharing, and collaboration
- Importance in collaboration internationally and across disciplines
- Many researchers have emphasised the importance of people element in NeSI. To solve complex problems requires much more than just a powerful hardware.

Jun is in the innovation and growth role for NeSI. Jun comes from a start-up background where he gained knowledge around good business practices on how to listen to the needs of the users.



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