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The New Zealand Science System: Challenges and Opportunities for eResearch

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posted on 2019-05-22, 21:23 authored by Gary Evans
The NZ government funded close to 1.6 billion dollars of research in 2018 and of that the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment funded around 1.2 billion dollars either directly or through their agents. In this talk I will discuss the R&D funding system in the context of the 2015 National Statement of Science Investment, the MBIE Science advisory system and the opportunities for funding eResearch.

Professor Gary Evans is the Chief Science Advisor for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and is a member of the Ferrier Research Institute at Victoria University of Wellington. His research involves designing and synthesising enzyme inhibitors for treating disease. He invented Ulodesine which completed Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of gout. Currently his work is focussed on the development of new antibiotic and antiviral drugs. Dr. Evans did his PhD at the University of Otago, a postdoc at Oxford University, and then worked in the biotechnology sector within the United Kingdom. He was appointed a Member of the NZ Order of Merit in 2014, and has received several awards, including the 2014 Janssen Best Innovation Award and the 2011 MacDiarmid Medal from the Royal Society of New Zealand.


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