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Strudel2: Increasing accessibility of HPC Infrastructure

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posted on 2020-03-10, 03:49 authored by Chris Hines
The Monash eResearch Centre supports a large number of communities with highly varied computing skills. As such one of our flagship offerings has been for a number of years simple easy access to Desktops (i.e. vncservers) running on the same HPC hardwarethat supports our large users. This facilities growing our users computing skills from simple visualisation tasks to large batch processing tasks over the course of their research career.

Strudel2 is the next generation of tool supporting access. By carefully melding various standard technologies we've produced a framework capable of supporting not just our traditional desktop embedded within the HPC environment but also many of the other tools for example Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio Server. We've also blended in Federated SingleSign on Authentication, and, for Federation members that support it, Multifactor authentication.

Chris has been kicking around the Australian eResearch sector for more years than he cares to admit to anyone, let alone himself. Chris exhibits the typical arrogance of most people with a background in physics assuming all your problems can be solved easily if you simply approximated your cows as spheres to simplify the maths. An itinerant sys-admin, programer and HPC consultant, he uses his skills wherever the needs of Monash university research require.


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