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Staying connected in an evolving eResearch ecosystem

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posted on 2021-02-26, 00:08 authored by Robin BensleyRobin Bensley
HPC has always operated at the frontier of computing and data technologies, pushing the boundaries of computing power and bandwidth. As globally we become ever more connected, the computing and data systems we depend on every day need greater power and performance.

Cloud computing is now evolving to incorporate high performance offerings, though these offerings are still niche in scale and expensive to consume in volume. However the direction is clear. Cloud-native technologies are now highly relevant to those operating HPC and data platforms, causing a rapid evolution in the platforms underpinning modern computational science.

NeSI’s advantage is that it has always been more than just a provider of computational power. Its value and impacts extend beyond its specialised infrastructure because NeSI’s team of domain experts, research software engineers, and HPC specialists are passionate about supporting research in New Zealand. NeSI’s people power delivers tailored support experiences, collaborative partnerships with communities, and dedicated engagement across the research ecosystem.

In this session, we'll share some of the milestones NeSI celebrated in 2020 and how it remains a connected, responsive and essential component of New Zealand’s eResearch ecosystem.

Robin Bensley, Business Operations Manager, New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) Robin joined NeSI as its Business Operations Manager in 2016. Prior to NeSI, Robin worked at the University of Auckland running research finance and contracting teams. He has also worked in commercial roles in New Zealand and Europe, focused on the use of data to drive business strategy, running and setting up teams consulting in business analysis, solution development and IT operations.


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