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Staying ahead of the data deluge

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posted on 2021-02-25, 23:59 authored by David Honey

Because data is the new Intellectual Property, its care and preservation are more important than ever.

David’s talk is an introduction to the latest data management software created by HPE for managing unstructured data at extreme scale; Data Management Framework version 7 (DMF7).

DMF7 integrates with popular parallel filesystems commonly used in HPC and AI environments. It is a tool that helps administrators implement site policies consistently across one or many filesystems. It can act upon a system event, like a filesystem dropping below a threshold for free space. It can operate on a schedule, like taking a snapshot of the namespace reflection at prescribed intervals.

It can automate site policies, like staging datasets or migrating files that have been untouched for 30 days. Taken together, the tools for managing filesystems in DMF7 help customers lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) for high performance storage systems, increase administrator productivity, and lower the cost of storing data.


The HPC Sales business unit is the HPC consulting and integration arm of HPE. HPE is successfully delivering customer consulting and projects with particular expertise in High Performance Computing, Visualisation and Complex Data Management. HPE is providing solutions to the Government, Manufacturing, Sciences, Communications, Entertainment and Resources sectors.

David is a Data Management Expert within the HPC team.

David's experience covers all aspects of the system life cycle from requirements analysis, infrastructure design, capacity planning, continuity planning, integration planning and benchmarking for new systems through to configuration management, change management and problem management for mature systems.


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