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Sowing the seeds of capability - Experience what Carpentries instructor training is all about.pdf (2.97 MB)

Sowing the seeds of capability - Experience what Carpentries instructor training is all about

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posted on 2021-02-26, 00:06 authored by Megan Guidry, Murray Cadzow, Arindam BasuArindam Basu
In this session, we will explain why NeSI and the other NZ Caprentries member institutions buy into the Carpentries instructor training model. We then will teach you one of our favourite instructor training lessons. Come along if you are curious about the instructor training model, want to know more about the Carpentries, or if you want to experience (or re-experience) a lesson from the much-loved instructor training curriculum.

Megan Guidry is the Regional Coordinator for the Carpentries in New Zealand and works as Research Communities Advisor for New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI). Her main priority is raising eResearch capability in New Zealand through training delivery and community building.

Murray Cadzow is a Teaching Fellow and Scientific Officer at the University of Otago. He is both a Carpentries instructor and instructor trainer. His teaching focus is on delivering digital literacy training to researchers, and the development and support of the local Carpentries community at Otago. His research involves the use of large datasets to investigate the genetic basis of Gout in Māori and Polynesian populations.

Arin Basu is a medical doctor, lecturer, and an epidemiologist. He works at the University of Canterbury at Christchurch as a senior lecturer in the Health Sciences Centre and serves as a senior researcher at the Health Services Assessment Collaboration, Health Sciences Centre. Arin is currently leading two research projects at the Health Sciences Centre - the first one is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission on immersive learning through virtual reality applications for the training of physicians and nurses and the second project, funded by Ako Aotearoa, is on the technology used for the professional training of nurses, physicians and other health care workers who are involved in the provision of Telehealth services. Arin's research interests include the use of virtual worlds in medical education, training, and provision of medical care.


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