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Skilling up in Research Data Management: a crash course for librarians and data stewards

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posted on 2019-05-15, 00:27 authored by Natasha Simons, Elizabeth Stokes
This workshop will help develop the skills and knowledge of librarians and data stewards who engage with researchers to support their research data management needs.

On completion, participants will be able to:
- Articulate some of the drivers, barriers and challenges for improved RDM
- Better understand the FAIR data principles and refer to related tools
- Draw on experience with Data Management Planning tools, data repositories, metadata schemas, persistent identifier systems and tools for citing data
- Understand the research and data lifecycles and where they fit within scholarly communications
- Refer to tips and tricks in researcher engagement
- Grow their support networks with others working in the same area

This workshop is tailored for librarians and other data stewards, particularly those who provide RDM skills training at universities, research institutions or virtual laboratories.
NOTE: we are happy to work with the eResearch NZ organisers to adapt workshop content to shape local needs if requested.

Natasha Simons (@n_simons) is Associate Director, Skilled Workforce, for the Australian Research Data Commons (formerly ANDS, RDS and Nectar). With a background in libraries, IT and eResearch, Natasha has a history of developing policy, technical infrastructure and skills to support research and researchers. She works with a variety of people and groups to improve data management skills, platforms, policies and practices. Based at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, Natasha is co-chair of the Research Data Alliance Interest Group on Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation, co-convenes the Australasian Data Management Plans Interest Group and is Deputy Chair of the Australian ORCID Advisory Group.

Liz Stokes (@ragamouf) is Senior Research Data Skills Specialist within the Skilled Workforce team, Australian Research Data Commons. Liz is a well-known figure in the Australian librarian and data steward community with over 6 years of experience as a Data Librarian, first at UNSW and then at UTS. Liz has an academic background in HASS (performance studies), but has also provided faculty liaison for health sciences, engineering and IT. She is passionate about “bringing researchers and librarians together for better research data management practices”.


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