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Singularity containers on HPC

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posted on 2020-03-10, 03:52 authored by Wolfgang Hayek
Containerisation is a form of virtualisation that has become very popular in the world of IT services and cloud computing, offering straightforward portability and deployment of software and services without having to install a complex set of dependencies. It has recently become available on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems through the popular Singularity software package. Singularity is a containerisation tool that is particularly suitable for HPC and scientific applications, featuring immutable software to support reproducibility of scientific results, as well as integration with HPC file systems, MPI, and more.

This talk will outline the basic concepts of containerisation and discuss a recent NeSI consultancy project where a web server and database were containerised to process data on the Mahuika HPC. The project is now easily portable and can scale out to many cores, enabling very significant speed-ups.

Wolfgang Hayek is a research software engineer at NeSI and NIWA, and group manager of NIWA’s scientific programming group, with many years of experience in scientific computing and HPC.

Blair Bethwaite is solutions manager at NeSI; he has strong expertise in HPC, cloud computing, cloud architectures, and scientific computing

Ben Roberts is an application support specialist at NeSI and has many years of experience in scientific computing and HPC


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