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SciDataMover - Reliable, secure data movement for Australian researchers

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posted on 2021-02-26, 00:09 authored by Ryan Fraser, Chris Myers
Despite extremely high speed and low latency network, Australian researchers still resort to using portable storage devices to move data around. Generally, the read/write operations of the endpoints are not up to the speed to which data volumes transfer on the network and hence data or packets are lost, resulting incomplete data for researchers to analyse.

AARNet is provisioning a service in collaboration with Globus called SciDataMover that will aid Australian Researchers move large data between endpoints with ease in a reliable and secure manner. The goal is to deploy Globus across the research sector in Australia, particularly at “large data facilities” to support researchers.

We will present the early results and learnings of the utilisation of the service, along with future-plans for rollout across Australia to support growing data needs of institutional researchers. Further, we will highlight the opportunities this service present for other developers of services and Institutions.

Ryan Fraser is Manager of Research and Commercial at AARNet. He is working with researchers at AARNet member institutes and affiliates to develop and provision infrastructure required to support research activities. Formerly, Ryan was at CSIRO and had an extensive career in developing and leading eInfrastructure and data science programs, which delivered to clients in government and industry.


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