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ResBaz 2020 - the lollie-scramble. What can we learn from the experience

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posted on 2021-02-25, 23:59 authored by Laura ArmstrongLaura Armstrong, Yvette WhartonYvette Wharton, Matt PlummerMatt Plummer

The Research Bazaar is a worldwide festival promoting the digital literacy emerging at the centre of modern research. We and our research community LOVE the usual 3-day cohort event full of digital skills workshops, social activities and amazing food. However, we had to adapt the event in 2020 (and forgo the nachos)!

In responding to the uncertainty of lockdowns, the push to deliver/attend online, increasingly financially challenging environments, and our community needs, we joined forces to deliver ResBaz 2020: Pick n Mix (

Initially coming together over shared dates, the event went on to offer 35 online sessions with hosts and speakers from the University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Canterbury, NeSI, ESR, National Library of New Zealand, University of Leipzig, Academic Consulting and The New Media Studio.

Laura, Yvette and Matt will share how ResBaz 2020: Pick n Mix came to be, what worked and what didn’t, and what we can learn from the experience. We’ll explore the following questions:

Can we deliver ResBaz online as the new normal?

What is lost from the lack of a cohort experience, in-person attendance, serendipitous interactions over yummy food?

What is gained from the wider NZ researcher community coming together?

What can be shared for others to adapt/adopt?

Is their space for different types of ResBaz experiences - in-person and online, local and national, generalist and discipline/community specific?


Laura Armstrong is a Senior eResearch Engagement Specialist at the Centre for eResearch, University of Auckland working to engage researchers in eresearch, and deliver research data management services and researcher enablement projects.

Yvette Wharton is the eResearch Solutions Lead at the Centre for eResearch, University of Auckland, working on research data management services and researcher enablement projects. She has extensive experience in University teaching, research and IT environments and is passionate about using her broad knowledge to facilitate people to achieve their aspirations.

Matt Plummer is a Digital Research Consultant in Victoria University of Wellington’s Centre of Academic Development. In this role he utilises a background that spans the arts and technology to act as a ‘digital interpreter’, working with researchers from different disciplines to utilise technology in innovative and transformative ways.


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