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REANNZ International Network: Global collaborations

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posted on 2022-03-03, 01:15 authored by eRNZ AdmineRNZ Admin, Yesh Ramesh, Chris Zane, Sergei Gulyaev

In December 2020, work was completed to strengthen the international network with additional capacity and completed resiliency.

Increasing REANNZ’s presence and networking capabilities within the international NREN community removes the barriers to international data mobility. With access to large data transfer capabilities and network tools that encourage multi-institutional collaboration, New Zealand’s researchers have access to the world’s unique science facilities, instruments, research projects and collaboration platforms like APOnet and the GOREX exchange.

This talk will explore the technical aspects of the project, the collaborative relationships that supported it and what this networking capability means for researchers. The completion of the project has been a testament to the collaborative nature of the global NREN (Nation Research and Education Network) community and demonstrates the importance of forming key relationships with international partners like the University of Hawai’i and the University of Guam.

Examples from the Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research (IRASR) will also demonstrate the international network’s data transferring capabilities and how this supports New Zealand’s research institution’s ability to use and participate in international, data-intensive research collaboration.


Chris Zane, Manager of Network Engineering, University of Hawai’i
Chris oversees network development and engineering. He has led all Hawaii-based R&E networking activities for over a decade including implementation and upgrades of the SX-TransPORT, GOREX exchange point in Guam, and other major projects such as UH’s own 10G and 100G submarine fiber links to the US West Coast, interisland wavelength circuits, and high speed services to the international research assets at Mauna Kea and Haleakala observatories. He is the principal liaison with the engineering leadership of the international partners and PacificWave and assumes project management responsibilities for major initiatives.

Yeshaswini (Yesh) Ramesh, Manager - Network Operations, REANNZ
Yesh manages Network Operations at REANNZ, overseeing the day to day operations and project deliveries for REANNZ members. She brings her extensive experience as a Senior Network Engineer both at REANNZ and earlier on her career. Yesh moved to New Zealand in 2013 from India and worked for the IBM NZ team supporting the Vodafone IP Network. In India, she worked as senior engineer at Juniper Networks, a Business Analyst at Capgemini and had various engineering roles at Alcatel-Lucent where she started her career. Since joining REANNZ in 2015, Yesh has worked as a part of the network operations team that implement solutions and support projects for REANNZ members. Yesh builds and maintains relationships with members of the network, vendor’s technical teams and other NRENs.

Professor Sergei Gulyaev - IRASR Director
Sergei is the Foundation Director of the Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research (IRASR). He graduated from Moscow State University with an MSc and then completed a PhD (1982) and DSc (1991). He went on to work at the Ural State University (Russia) where he was elected Head of Department of Astronomy and Geodesy. In 1998, Sergei moved to New Zealand to take up the position of Deputy Director of the Earth and Oceanic Sciences Research Centre (EOS), which he occupied until 2004. Prof Gulyaev's main research interests are in the areas of astrophysics and radio astronomy. He has over 100 scientific publications.


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