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ORCID data dashboard - A snapshot of NZ research

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posted on 2021-02-26, 00:09 authored by Brian MinihanBrian Minihan
ORCID has provided a service to individual researchers by providing a disambiguative identifier and to grant funders, publishers and research organisations by supporting an authoritative registry of these researchers works as well as trusted connections to that registry via API. However, obtaining useful data from the ORCID registry was previously limited to complex API queries, which was often inaccessible and cumbersome to many parties. In 2020, ORCID endeavoured to level UP by creating a Data Dashboard with useful statistics to ORCID consortia lead organisations, such as Royal Society Te Apārangi. This oral presentation will introduce the Dashboard, examine lessons learned about ORCID metadata and illustrate aspects about the current state of research in New Zealand through connections to ORCID.

Acknowledgements: Tom Demeranville, Product Director, ORCID

Based in Hong Kong, Brian is a point of contact for expanding ORCID member organisations in South Asia and Hong Kong, supporting existing ORCID Consortia in Oceania and conducting scholarly communications outreach and events throughout the Asia Pacific. Before joining ORCID, Brian was a scholarly communications librarian at Hong Kong Baptist University and a Research Associate at University of San Francisco’s Ricci Institute of Chinese-Western Cultural History.


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