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New Zealand's Contributions to the Square Kilometre Array Project

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posted on 2019-05-15, 04:32 authored by Andrew Ensor
The Square Kilometre Array is the largest mega-Science project of the next decade aiming to build enormous radio telescope arrays across Western Australia and Southern Africa. With 160 TeraByte/s data generated in just stage one it presents unprecedented data movement and processing challenges. As New Zealand’s first venture in a mega-Project with lead roles, it also represents numerous firsts for the country. This talk will outline the project, New Zealand’s key contributions and people involved in its computing design, and update its progress as the six year stage one design phase completes. It will also touch on how the project is helping shape access to research data across future science projects.

Andrew is the Director of the High Performance Computing Research Laboratory at AUT. His research interests include HPC and GPU computing, distributed and mobile systems, algorithms, concurrency and computer graphics. Andrew is also the Director of the New Zealand SKA Alliance, a group of 35 NZ academic and industry partners working on the Exascale computer design for the Square Kilometre Array Project.


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