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NeSI and your data: Scalable storage

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posted on 2019-05-15, 00:27 authored by Fabrice Cantos
Modern supercomputer applications require powerful storage resources in addition to fast computing resources. Accordingly, NeSI aims to support the next generation of science challenges, including new use cases and new IO patterns.

As part of the procurement and benchmarking process, NeSI worked with Cray and IBM to ensure that solution met performance, scalability, agility, resilience and cost requirements.

The presentation will review the final architecture in detail, the choices made and reports IO performance results.

The life cycle of data will generally include three phases: generation, analysis, archive and/or deletion. Tiered storage solutions as implemented on the NeSI Platforms provide the performance and capacity needed on the primary tiers and cost-effective storage on the tertiary tier (magnetic tape).


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