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Kicking On: growing data services at NeSI

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posted on 2019-05-15, 00:16 authored by Brian Flaherty
NeSI’s strengths in High Performance Computing are reflected in its expertise in computational and data intensive research. Until recently data services have been the under-developed fourth corner of NeSI services square of HPC compute & analytics, consultancy and training. This presentation outlines the opportunities and challenges of moving to a data-centric / capable organisation, and potential offerings in a data services catalogue (which would be built in collaboration with NeSI partners). These include data transfer, storage, programme level sharing, managing access to sensitive data, data labs, publication and discovery. It also asks - what services should exist in a national research data service?

As a recent inductee into the world of Advanced Research Computing, I’ll also talk about the intersection between librarianship and computational science in the eResearch ecosystem, particularly in the areas of information management and data life cycle.

Brian has a background in digital libraries and was previously Associate University Librarian (Digital Services) at the University of Auckland, with experience in strategic and operational management of digital libraries and library applications, digital scholarship, research infrastructure & support (including open access and impact reporting), and UX-based web development & discovery services. He has recently started a new role with NeSI in Data Services product management.


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