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Influencing Data Culture to Optimise Data Utilisation

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posted on 2020-03-10, 03:53 authored by Lisa Thomasen

At Fonterra’s Research & Development Centre we have a range of data which describes both our dairy products and manufacturing processes. We want to preserve this data for the future and increase our opportunities for applications of analytics. To be successful this requires a significant shift in the data culture. This talk will outline the approaches we are taking to change the data culture in our research teams. We have started this process by conducting a data usage survey which allowed us to define our biggest data challenges and their position in the data life cycle. We have now built a team of data stewards to help us map out and execute solutions to the data challenges we’re facing to allow us to get optimal value out of our research data now and many years into the future. This talk will cover the work we have done with our data stewards over the past year and the next steps we have planned to achieve our data management vision. This includes our work to implement unique identifiers for all samples and our proposed metadata database.


Lisa Thomasen has been working as a research statistician for the Fonterra Research & Development Centre in Palmerston North for four years. Throughout this time, she has dedicated a lot of resource towards data management and statistics training.


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