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Dealing with the data deluge: Challenges of implementing an instrument data management service

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Rongowai is a world first aerospace mission in which a Global Navigation Satellite System Reflectometry (GNSS-R) receiver will be mounted onto a commercial aircraft in order to reveal the geophysical conditions and dynamics of the Earth’s surface along the path of the flight, without the need for costly, and often infeasible, in-situ monitoring systems.

Hosted at The University of Auckland, and with the collaboration of Air New Zealand, the University of Michigan, the University of Canterbury, Ohio State University, and Toha, the Centre for eResearch is developing the data infrastructure necessary to collect the data from the receiver, once on the ground, to process this data and integrate with Toha’s visualisation toolset in order to share the data gathered.

We will report our experience setting up this infrastructure and the lessons learned. The authors would like to acknowledge the support of MBIE in this work.


Chris Seal gained his PhD in Materials Engineering, at the University of Auckland, studying the effect of earthquake loading on steel framed buildings. He subsequently took a postdoctoral position in the field of computer simulation of fracture process, University of Manchester. Returning to New Zealand with his family, Chris works as the Senior eResearch Solutions Specialist, a role that enables the application of computational skills and knowledge of research workflows to the development of the university’s scientific instrument data repository.

Mike Laverick is a former astrophysicist turned eResearch Solutions Specialist at the University of Auckland. He completed his PhD at KU Leuven, Belgium, before moving to New Zealand and joining the Centre for eResearch. Mike is helping to develop the Instrument data management tool MyTardis, the Science Payload Operation Centre (SPOC) at the University of Auckland, and supporting the SPOC's first payload: Rongowai.

Yvette Wharton is the eResearch Solutions Lead at the Centre for eResearch, University of Auckland, working on research data management services and researcher enablement projects. She has extensive experience in University teaching, research and IT environments and is passionate about using her broad knowledge to facilitate people to achieve their aspirations.


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