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Data science accelerator level 2: Power-up or reboot

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posted on 2021-02-25, 23:55 authored by Richard Dean

If 2020 were a computer game, it would be a pretty difficult level. There were more twists and turns than Super Mario Kart, and there was the ever-present threat from an end of level baddie like no other. Despite the gameplay being set to ‘hard’, during 2020, ESR’s data science initiative battled on – we trained more mentors, taught data skills remotely and worked through more data science accelerator projects than ever before.

This presentation reports on how the second year of ESR’s data science accelerator programme has gone – was it game over or power up?

The presentation follows on from last year’s eResearch 2020 keynote where Richard outlined ESR’s data science initiative within the context of the evolution of Public Health Data Science - from Bills of Mortality in 1592, through the cholera years of the 19th century to genomics and critical risks of the current day such as climate emergency, inequalities, lifestyle factors and emergent pandemics.

ESR’s data science accelerator programme is critical for driving organisational change and a new focus on emergent skills in areas such as engineering, robotics, innovation, coding and automation – Erica for short.


Richard is a data nerd and ESR’s data science accelerator lead - which means he gets to work with lots of very clever scientists who keep kiwis safe from harm and protect our environment. His favourite computer game when a kid was SimCity 2000, which in many ways was simply a precursor to a role at ESR where he still gets a little bit excited when looking at a map of the sewers.


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