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Cloud-native technologies in eResearch - benefits and challenges

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posted on 2020-03-10, 03:49 authored by Marko LabanMarko Laban
The commercial world of public cloud has been rapidly evolving in the last 10 years, democratizing access to software engineering tools and technologies that provide an easy way for small teams to design, build and operate large distributed fault-tolerant applications at Google/Amazon scale. “Cloud native” is a multi-disciplinary approach/methodology that applies selected architectural patterns, software development processes and freely available open source libraries/frameworks to build distributed software applications designated to fully utilize the advantages of the modern cloud-computing model. In this paper, we aim to make a case for wider adoption of cloud native technologies in eResearch and discuss challenges on that path

Marko Laban - Bio: Marko has more than 20 years of technical and product management experience in various software industry areas including Cloud, Enterprise Software, 3D/Manufacturing, Bioinformatics and start-ups. In the past he was involved with companies of different sizes from large ones like SAP and Cisco to early stage start-ups. Today, Marko is working as a Software Product Engineering Lead at NeSI.


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