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Change and the mindset of teaming

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posted on 2022-03-03, 01:15 authored by eRNZ AdmineRNZ Admin, Will ArmitageWill Armitage, Eirian PerkinsEirian Perkins

As the environment around us continues to shift rapidly, it’s important that organisations adapt and become resilient to change. By adapting how we work we are more likely to deliver customers, users, and researchers what they want - when they want it.

NeSI is a multi-disciplinary team assembled from several collaborating organisations. We have complicated work arrangements, and individually, have split duties, loyalties, and focuses. This presents a unique challenge: How do we work cohesively, both within NeSI and across institutions?

This is a story about NeSI’s teaming journey, presented through a series of micro case studies showcasing the learnings from experimenting with product management and agile practices.

Understanding how we work together not only allows us to share our learnings with others, but informs us on where we are going and how we can continue to grow our capabilities as new challenges arise.


Eirian Perkins
Eirian Perkins is a DevOps and Integration developer at NeSI and holds a masters of engineering in Engineering Management. She has a background and interest in agile management practices.

Will Armitage
Will Armitage is a Agile Portfolio Lead at NeSI, he has a real interest in aligning organisations around priorities, creating transparency of work and sustainability in teams. Will is a musician at heart.