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Catering to Domain (Genomics) specific eResearch needs

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posted on 2019-05-15, 04:31 authored by Dinindu SenanayakeDinindu Senanayake, Nooriyan PoonawalaNooriyan Poonawala
Providing eResearch capability and training catered to a specific domain such as Genomics presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. The advancement of sequencing technologies and decreasing cost is responsible in creating an avalanche of genomics data across multiple sub-domains. This data deluge demands an interdisciplinary approach to face the associated challenges such as data storage, parallel and high-performance computing solutions for data analysis, scalability, security and data integration. Ability to deliver solutions to these needs will result in converting highly granular, unstructured genomics data into real scientific insights which will accelerate the advances being made in genomics assisted precision medicine, eukaryotic conservation programmes, etc. Also, implementing eResearch training tools such as genomics virtual labs will assist beginners’ level bioinformaticians/computationalbiologists to acquire advance skills within an interactive environment which will assist them in their search to understand the rules of life.

Nooriyah Lohani - A background in bioinformatics and past roles as a bioinformatician at Pacific Edge in Dunedin and the Bioinformatics Institute at the University of Auckland has exposed me to both the commercial and academic research spaces. Currently as NeSI’s Research Communities Advisor, my aim is to help bring the right digital tools to meet researchers needs.

Dinindu Senanayake - An Applications Support Specialist at NeSI with a particular interest in Genomics and Bioinformatics. Joined NeSI following half a decade of research experience gained in the field of Cancer Genetics, Chemical Genetics and Bioinformatics.


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