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Building a Women in HPC community in Australasia: Where to from here

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posted on 2020-03-10, 03:58 authored by Jana MakarJana Makar, Loretta Davis
Diverse teams have been shown to increase a company’s ROI, make decisions 2X faster with half the meetings, and corporations that hire women into the C-suite often see a 15% increase in profitability.

In this eResearch NZ Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session, we would like to build on the momentum and conversations started at a previous eResearch Australasian BoF and discuss the opportunities around better coordinating, supporting, and expanding diversity efforts within Australasia’s eResearch and HPC sectors. This BoF’s ideal outcomes would include:
● a greater understanding of existing efforts and support structures in place for encouraging diversity and gender equity in Australasia’s HPC and eResearch sectors
● building new and/or stronger relationships built amongst Australasia diversity and gender equity advocates
● a short-term action plan for 2020-21 to explore ways to better connect, coordinate, and leverage existing diversity and inclusion efforts

Discussion notes and feedback gathered in this session will be collated and shared with the broader eResearch community, as part of a newly formed working group’s efforts to support the development of a Women in HPC (WHPC) community in Australasia. For more information on the Australasian WHPC Working Group, visit the AeRO eResearch Chat’s Diversity & Inclusion space.

Jana Makar Based at the University of Auckland, Jana coordinates a variety of engagement initiatives and external communications to raise the profile of NeSI’s activities, impacts, and collaborations. Prior to joining NeSI, Jana worked as a communications consultant for multiple organisations in Canada’s technology, academic, and startup sectors.

Loretta Davis Loretta is a seasoned IT professional with 25+ years experience in the eResearch, commercial and government sectors in Australia, Africa and the USA. When not working part time for AeRO, Loretta consults as a Solutions Specialist to a number of private clients.


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