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Building a Figshare Community

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posted on 2019-05-15, 00:26 authored by Natasha PuniaNatasha Punia, Kayleigh LinoKayleigh Lino
Sharing knowledge and best practice across communities, regardless of location and experience in the field of research data management, is hugely important to us at Figshare.

In this talk, we’ll outline the mediums we use to facilitate knowledge sharing, such as Figshare Fests, Community Slack, our engagement process, and the Figshare Knowledge Portal. We'll also showcase examples of how community members - primarily research data managers - exchange knowledge across regions and across levels of experience in the space. We'll discuss the systems and tools they use to collaborate, the methods they use to share their successes and challenges, and how they facilitate an open and accepting community.

Another ongoing project that we’re currently undertaking aims to improve the curation of nontraditional research outputs, through the development of a shared framework for data review. Figshare believes that data review is a positive step in scientific scholarly communication. As such, we'd like to identify the current challenges faced by the Figshare community through various methods (i.e surveys and workshops), whilst also acknowledging future challenges, such as compliance with government and funder legislations. We have chosen to make the resources, outputs and feedback on such projects (and future projects) openly available on, in order to reach a wider audience and make the process more community driven and as collaborative as possible.


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